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10 Women-Related Tropes That Need to Go

I asked some of my fellow editors about tropes that really bug them. These are some of the common responses regarding tropes about women and how they are represented in fiction.

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Grammar Tip – Apostrophes

Today, I will tackle a punctuation mark that trips up a lot of well-meaning users. The apostrophe. While it may seem like a simple mark, it gets confusing when we try to put it between the letters it and s or when we need to put it at the end of a word instead of before the s or . . . okay, so it seems to get tricky around the letter s. I’ll try to clear that up a bit. . . Continue Reading


Why Taking a Break Can Be the Best Thing to Do

The past few months of my life have been pretty hectic. I finished up my last semester of college, consisting of seventeen credits, while working two jobs and planning a wedding. When summer came, I had an internship and still a lot of wedding details to get under control. I’m not complaining about any of it. I chose to take on each and every thing. But, it was a LOT. Once I was graduated and married, I took some time to sit back and really relax. And it was so needed. . . . Continue Reading . . .


How to Self-edit Without Destroying Your Self-esteem

Setting: Your favorite writing nook
Characters: You and your freshly written masterpiece
Time: The present
You have just finished your latest story and you are flying high on the creative juices still flowing inside you. You know it is wonderful. You sit back, close your eyes, and revel in the story that is still dancing around your head.
You decide to go back to the beginning and get started on revising. . . . Continue Reading

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Grammar Tip – Split Infinitives

Everyone has that one grammar rule that they just can’t seem to keep straight. For me, commas are my stumbling block. I used to think long and hard about whether my commas were needed in my sentences. I have gotten better at commas, but sometimes I still need to look up the rules to see if I have it right. Recently, some of my readers shared some of their most common grammar struggles. Today, I will address the issue of split infinitives. . . Continue Reading


The Magic of Words

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.” -J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

These words are displayed on my bedroom wall for me to see every day. Every time I read them I am reminded of how true they are. Words can transport us to other worlds. They make connections between people. They can lead to understanding. They can lead to happiness. Of course, they can also lead to confusion and sadness, but isn’t that magical too, in a way? . . . Continue Reading

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Why We Need Editors

Even editors need editors. I’m an editor and I’ve had to make many corrections in my writing over the years. Nobody can avoid mistakes all the time. You can read your work ten times and think it is perfect; someone else can read it once and spot at least a few errors. There is nothing wrong with needing a fresh set of eyes to look over your project. Here are a few reasons having an editor can be immensely helpful. . . Continue Reading