How to Politely Say Something is Horrible

You have started working on your latest editing project and are less than impressed with the quality. You have a few options here. It is very possible that you don’t have a choice about whether or not to edit this. Maybe it was handed to you by the publishing house and they asked you to get it up to snuff. Or, maybe you are a freelancer and this came from a private client. You have more freedom to decide to give it back to her to keep working on it or you can slog through and help her figure out the issues. Whether you want to keep the project or you think it is best to return it, you need to communicate to the author that there is a lot of work that needs to be done. You want to do this without hurting her feelings or crushing her dreams. What is an editor to do? . . . Continue Reading

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Grammar Tip – Semicolons

Grammar is something many people have trouble understanding. Even people who love grammar, like myself, have some rules they just can’t seem to get right. Some of my readers have shared their grammar struggles with me. For this second part of my grammar series I will be discussing semicolons. . . . Continue Reading


How to Self-edit Without Destroying Your Self-esteem

Setting: Your favorite writing nook
Characters: You and your freshly written masterpiece
Time: The present
You have just finished your latest story and you are flying high on the creative juices still flowing inside you. You know it is wonderful. You sit back, close your eyes, and revel in the story that is still dancing around your head.
You decide to go back to the beginning and get started on revising. . . . Continue Reading

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Grammar Tip – Split Infinitives

Everyone has that one grammar rule that they just can’t seem to keep straight. For me, commas are my stumbling block. I used to think long and hard about whether my commas were needed in my sentences. I have gotten better at commas, but sometimes I still need to look up the rules to see if I have it right. Recently, some of my readers shared some of their most common grammar struggles. Today, I will address the issue of split infinitives. . . Continue Reading

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Book Review: On the Ropes

Title: On the Ropes

Author: Hallee Bridgeman

Length: 149 pages

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Ruth is a doctor in New York City. She has a twin sister, Ester, and is engaged to Victor Kovalev. He is a professional boxer and is expected to take over the family business after he retires. One evening, the way Victor is acting worries Ruth so she goes to his family’s gym when she gets off work. When she arrives, the gym is oddly empty. She eventually finds Victor’s father and some other men in the alley. When she hears gunshots, she knows she needs to get out of there. . . Continue Reading


What’s My Favorite Book? That’s a Trick Question

“What’s your favorite book?”

That is one of the hardest questions to answer. Recently, my mom said something I resonated with about why it’s so hard to pick a favorite. She read an article which proposed that it is hard to choose a favorite book because we are affected by books differently at different times in our lives. You could read a book today and have a different perspective and reaction than you did when you read it three years ago. Similarly, different subjects and themes are important to us at different times. While a book might be incredibly interesting to you now, you might not want to read a similar book three years from now. A book that really impacted you might not be your favorite anymore, but it was still important to you and that counts for something. . . Continue Reading


The Magic of Words

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.” -J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

These words are displayed on my bedroom wall for me to see every day. Every time I read them I am reminded of how true they are. Words can transport us to other worlds. They make connections between people. They can lead to understanding. They can lead to happiness. Of course, they can also lead to confusion and sadness, but isn’t that magical too, in a way? . . . Continue Reading

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Why We Need Editors

Even editors need editors. I’m an editor and I’ve had to make many corrections in my writing over the years. Nobody can avoid mistakes all the time. You can read your work ten times and think it is perfect; someone else can read it once and spot at least a few errors. There is nothing wrong with needing a fresh set of eyes to look over your project. Here are a few reasons having an editor can be immensely helpful. . . Continue Reading

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Why I’ll be Going to Another Writer’s Conference Soon

I did something I’ve never done before. And trying new things is not something I like to do very often. This past weekend I attended my first writer’s conference. I didn’t really know what to expect, never having been to one before. My Building Your Author Platform class attended the Maranatha Christian Writer’s Conference. The conference was for writers and I was going as an editor so I decided to focus on making connections with people and getting advice from some of the editors that would be in attendance.

As soon as we walked into the building we saw. . . Continue Reading