My Christmas Traditions

This will be my second Christmas away from home and almost all of my family. It is hard when you live thousands of miles from home and you will only see your parents and siblings over Skype and can’t give them hugs or do any of the things you usually do with them on Christmas. In light of my holiday nostalgia, I will be sharing what Christmas looked like for me growing up. . . Continue Reading

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Book Review: Hanna Who Fell from the Sky

Hanna has lived in Clearhaven all of her life. In fact, she has never left the town at all. Soon she will turn eighteen and marry the man her father chose for her. She will be Edwin’s fifth wife. Hanna has always believed she was meant for more than being just another wife of a man more than twice her age. She often thinks about leaving Clearhaven and becoming the person she always wanted to be. But that would mean disobeying not only her father, but the Creator. When she meets a boy who has spent the last year outside of Clearhaven, she wonders if maybe leaving is actually possible. But will it be worth it if she has to leave behind her mother, her siblings, and everything she has ever known? . . . Continue Reading