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Why We Need Editors

Even editors need editors. I’m an editor and I’ve had to make many corrections in my writing over the years. Nobody can avoid mistakes all the time. You can read your work ten times and think it is perfect; someone else can read it once and spot at least a few errors. There is nothing wrong with needing a fresh set of eyes to look over your project. Here are a few reasons having an editor can be immensely helpful.

  1. editing-3You already know what you are trying to say. Maybe you typed a word twice. Or you left out a word. Maybe you accidentally typed “selling” instead of “spelling.” Since the words came from your mind, you know exactly what you are trying to say. The little errors slip right past you as your brain corrects them. An editor will be able to read it without knowing what you originally meant and catch those mishaps.
  1. Editors can bring a new perspective. Maybe you wrote a story about a match-making librarian who uses books to bring people together. You include the details of her antics and the stories of the couples once they’ve met. An editor can read through it and suggest you add more background about this librarian and why she started making matches. Their job is to make your story stronger. Editors are not there to tear apart your writing, but to polish it so everyone else can see it shine.
  1. Editors can balance out your skill set. Maybe you are good at telling a story that pulls readers in. Maybe you are good editingat world-building. Maybe you are awful at commas. That’s where the editor comes in. They help fix the details to show your work in the best light. I could read a beautifully written story but lose the magic because I keep tripping over the punctuation. An editor smooths out the parts where you might need help to make your writing the best it can be.

Editors provide many benefits for writers. These are merely a few of them. The important thing to remember is that an editor’s purpose is to help you strengthen your work. So don’t fret about the idea of an editor taking their red pen to your words. They are doing it because they want to help you. And they love to read.


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