Copy editor and proofreader at your service! I specialize is novels although I have a wide range of experience with other kinds of writing as well. I love to work with authors to help them present their best work possible. With everything I do, I strive to maintain the author’s voice while cleaning up any small errors that would have stood in the way of the readers immersing themselves in the story. 

You can find more information about my services here.

Just get it down on paper, and then we’ll see what to do with it.

-Maxwell Perkins

What people are saying

“Taylor’s sharp attention to detail and professionalism in presenting feedback are top-notch. I would happily commission her again for novel-length copyediting projects.”

— Alex Black, Phase Line Escher

“Taylor has been doing freelance editorial work for five years for Livingstone and has been a great asset to the company. From editing books, to proofreading manuscripts, to reviewing Bible pages, along with providing direction to authors to help shape their ideas…Taylor’s work is always high quality and consistent with whatever type of project we send her way. It’s a pleasure to work with Taylor; we appreciate her skill set as well as her timely response time and ability to hit deadlines.”

— Ashley Taylor, Livingstone Corp.